Introduction to TED x ODYSSEY

On May 26, 2023, ODYSSEY, the eagerly anticipated second offline event organized by TedxMVJCE, burst into life with unparalleled excitement. This exceptional gathering unfolded as a captivating journey, showcasing a remarkable lineup of speakers and performers who enthralled the audience with their profound narratives of courage, creativity, and transformation.

Vishnu Vardhan

Vishnu Vardhan initiated the odyssey by challenging attendees to ponder whether they were forging their unique path or merely following the crowd’s direction. Praachi Nagpal, Miss Grand International India, followed suit with a heartfelt tale of personal growth from feeling lost in a new city to triumphing in the world of beauty pageantry, advocating for breaking societal norms and embracing individuality.

Bruce Lee Mani

 The charismatic force behind Thermal and A Quarter, stunned the audience with his feat of composing thirty songs in thirty days, demonstrating how everyday moments can spark extraordinary creativity. Punya Arora, the acclaimed stand-up comedian and writer, added a dose of humor and insight by reframing sad endings as opportunities for fresh beginnings.

Divya Hegde

Environmental advocate Divya Hegde shared her inspiring journey of leaving a corporate job at Google to pursue a more purposeful life in environmental education, while graffiti artist Vishnu Ambat concluded the event with his bold decision to pursue his artistic dreams, leaving behind the safety of a stable career


ODYSSEY transcended being a mere event; it emerged as a dynamic celebration of personal quests and the transformative power of following one’s passions. As this chapter closes, the spirit of ODYSSEY continues to inspire, beckoning us towards new adventures on the horizon. Until we reconvene, let’s keep forging our own paths, embracing the ‘metamorphosis’ that accompanies our journey!

Event location

MVJ collage of engineering

MVJ College of Engineering Near ITPB, Whitefield, Bangalore-560 067

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