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Introduction to TED x COUNTDOWN

We at TEDxMVJCE hosted our  first ever event which circled and revolved around a topic of importance on a global scale. The event was named – Countdown. Countdown was formed and conducted around the theme of Global warming and climate change.

Countdown – ‘Let’s turn the tide on climate’ was hosted on the 31st October 2020. The event was a major success as the objectives and targets set by the organizing team was accomplished. The organizing committee was headed by Akhil Bobby (Organizer) with the assistance Sairus B (Co- Organizer). Along with them many personnel helped to carry the event in the desired trajectory and make it an all-round success. The event took place on Halloweens day 2020, which added a certain aura and the positivity was felt to the people who presided on the said day.

The event consisted of talks and speeches from well- renowned speakers who cancelled schedules, travelled distances, and made ends meet to provide the audience of Countdown with their insights and anecdotes on Climate change. 

The Speakers for the day were:

Binish Desai

The Recycle Man of Our Nation and a Padma Shri nominee.

Vani Murthy

Queen of Compost and renowned urban farmer

Dasarathi GV

Famous for his home called “kachra mane” means “trash house”

Dhrithi Desai

CEO of ECO light studio, Jewellery made out of recycled materials

Varun Sivaram

CTO of Renew Power, India’s Largest renewable energy company..


The earth’s climate has always changed and evolved but the situation we all are in is the worst we’ve seen in centuries. Countdown 2020 addressed the crisis affecting millions all around the world and the event was a turnaround of minds in people who reckon what we do at TEDxMVJCE is nothing short of incredible meeting impossible

Event location

MVJ collage of engineering

MVJ College of Engineering Near ITPB, Whitefield, Bangalore-560 067

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