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Metamorphosis #52

Welcome to the 52nd edition of Unarchive! We’re excited to invite you to “Metamorphosis,” our TEDx event on June 22nd. Check out the event gallery filled with snapshots from our previous event, enjoy TED Talks by past speakers, and access registration links for the upcoming event. Anticipate an extraordinary day with influential speakers, captivating performances, fun games with prizes, and complimentary food and drinks. Don’t miss this chance to be part of an inspiring experience!

What makes a Supervillain? #51

Supervillains, the ultimate divas of the dark side! Sure, they’re a menace to skyscrapers, but have you seen their lairs? It's like evil genius meets architectural mastery. And when it comes to their heists, they don't just knock over banks, they execute it with panache, all while flaunting wardrobes that could make Broadway blush. But beyond their sinister charm and maniacal laughter, it's their quirks that steal the show, helping us realize that deep down, we all have a little supervillain inside us.

What makes a Superhero? #50

In the mosaic of tales and daydreams, the very idea of superhumans serves as a refreshing sprinkle of paprika on the bland dish of our daily existence. It's like someone somewhere said, "Reality could use a dash of spice," and thus, superhumans were born, not just with the ability to leap skyscrapers in a single bound but also with a knack for making us ordinary folks look up from our smartphones and wonder, "What if?" It's a bit of magic, a slice of sci-fi, and a heavy dose of hope, all rolled into one.

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